Terje Vincentz

Worries about an uncertain future are on the rise and lead people to forget about the essential values of life: beauty and pleasure. However, there are also those who oppose these fears and free themselves from them. This feeling can be found in the 20s of the last centuries well. When people countered the impending decline with glamour and pleasure.

nachtgedanken is a collection for these guardians of beauty who preserve our values through nightfall. The collection is inspired by Ezéchiel Paihlès’ bien certain. A song about transience and return, about how the old influences the new and the futile attempt to break away. It takes up the conflict of this tragic theme in music in a positive way and creates an interesting contrast, which is also reflected by the materials of this collection. Narrow and tall silhouettes were created in reference to these moods. A collection explicitly designed for nightlife.